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The beauty and durability of rosewood

With its special properties and history of use, rosewood is a very valuable material. It is used to make high-quality furniture and musical instruments and has left an indelible mark on the history of craftsmanship and music. Find out more in this article dedicated to the beauty of this special wood.

Properties, use and durability of rosewood

This type of hardwood, characterized by white and pink streaks, has been used extensively in past centuries for the manufacture of fine furniture and high-quality musical instruments. The beauty and the resistance of rosewood made it particularly suitable for the manufacture of fine furniture, especially for the creation of fillets for furniture in Louis XV and Louis XVI style. These decorative details gave the furniture an unmistakable elegance and strengthened the reputation of rosewood as a fine and valued material.

In addition to cabinet- making, rosewood was also used in the manufacture of high-quality musical instruments such as violins, guitars and basses. Its ability to produce a rich and warm sound has made it a popular choice within luthiers and musical instrument manufacturers around the world.

One of the most fascinating characteristics of rosewood is also the durability of its color over time. Despite the passing of the years since processing, this wood is able to keep intact its distinctive color and adds value to any object or environment in which rosewood is used. The durability of the color makes it a material of great esthetic and practical value, appreciated both for its visual characteristics and for its resistance over time.

The amazing characteristics of rosewood essence

The essence obtained by the distillation of the branches and wood of this Amazonian tree is remarkable. Its stimulating and harmonizing aroma gives coherence and stability to perfumes, but it is also used in perfumery to combine different ingredients and soften the more intense aspects of a composition.

Rosewood perfume has a balancing effect on the emotional state and is traditionally recommended to counteract stress and its phycological symptoms such as irritability, aggressiveness, anxiety, low self-esteem and emotional instability. Its calming and relaxing aroma is able to relieve headaches and nausea. Rosewood essence has immunostimulating properties and protects against the occurrence of infectious diseases. In the cosmetic field, it is one of the best oils for hair care and dry hair.

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