Some examples of creations, starting from wooden parts produced for university classroom partnership projects such as La Sapienza, La Bicocca, La Bocconi, the Milan Polytechnic and then Pisa, Bologna, Ferrara, to continue with shop furnishing projects, offices, restaurants, created in collaboration with the client or the architect, through a close design collaboration made up of experiential exchanges useful for achieving the best aesthetic and qualitative result.

Tailor-made furniture for catering

Due to the many years of experience in the field, we are capable of creating custom furniture that meet the specific needs of our customers. From chairs to tables, from counters to equipped walls: all elements are cared for in every detail to ensure a unique and innovative catering experience.

Tailor-made furniture for offices

We manufacture tailor-made furniture for offices, professional studios and corporate spaces. Thanks to our ability in creating custom furniture, we can satisfy the demands of each and every customers, ensuring high quality products, with first choice raw materials and elegant finishings: ideal for building functional and cozy workplaces.

Wood furniture for stores

With our knowledge in the field, we manufacture the ideal furniture for our customers with the need to furnish their store or business space. Choosing FABEMA for wooden furniture means having a team of professional at your disposal that will guide you in the selection of materials and finishings, in order to create a functional, practicable and cozy space.

University classrooms partnership projects

FABEMA is the ideal partner for the construction of universities and schools classrooms designed to host students and professors. We operate with the utmost professionalism and we are able to offer individual solutions for every demand and need. With our tailor-made furniture it is possible to build functional and cozy didactic environments, encouraging learning and concentration.

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