since 1980


  • Fabema Legno it’s a dynamic and innovative joinery that was founded in 1980. It meets client needs, which are constantly evolving, by using production flexibility together with manufacturing experience and the use of select high quality materials.
  • Today, Fabema Legno is under the direction of the second generation and is a modern and established joinery at the forefront of using high precision numerically controlled machines. In this guise, the company produces with extreme flexibility, on client design, semi-finished and finished products from individual pieces to large series, using all types of materials present in the European Market.

Fabema Legno numbers among its clients the best manufacturers of tablets, catering, studies and offices, stores, hotels, receptions, interior design, gyms and beauty salons, schools and universities, and architects and designers too.


Fabema Legno is able to respond quickly to different requests from the most exacting clients. Through the extensive availability of different basic woods, finishing materials of the most varied types and colours and the established and daily contact with the leading suppliers of the European Market of raw materials.

Fabema Legno is able to select hardware, accessories and complementary items on behalf of its clients, depending on the specific needs of supply.

Our production can meets third party furnishing needs of any kind, even for major clients offering the possibility to create unique and specific products to each individual customer. We are constantly in contact with architects and designers, and we collaborate with them starting from the conception of the product indeed, it’s our established practice, to assist designers starting from the ideas to reach the production passing through samples until prototypes for customers testing and approval.

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